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garage and shed mold removal
Garages & Sheds

With the Texas heat, any moisture trapped in a garage or shed can lead to serious problems.

attic and basement mold removal
Attics & Basements

With all of the dust and the lack of good ventilation, attics and basements are prime mold atmospheres.

kitchen and laundry mold removal
Kitchen & Laundry

With all of the appliances and dark damp places, kitchens and laundry rooms are hard to mold-proof.

bathroom mold removal

With all of the sources of water, bathrooms are the perfect breeding ground for mold growth.

We Remove ANY Mold Issues

Just because mold isn't always visible, doesn't mean it isn't there. If you have areas in your home that are either dark or not ventilated, if moisture can find it, mold can and eventually will begin to grow.

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